Snow stops flights with planes stuck on Manchester Airport runway in huge travel delays

Snow has caused severe delays at multiple airports with runways closed, leaving some travellers stuck on board grounded planes.

At least 11 flights were cancelled and eight flights diverted this morning at Manchester Airport with both runways temporarily shut.

Passengers were urged to check the status of flights with their airline.

A spokesperson for the airport told the Mirror it had been forced into the drastic action due to health and safety protocols and “operations will resume at the earliest opportunity”.

The runway at Liverpool John Lennon Airport was also shut.

Both airports were able to resume operations as of 11.30am.

It comes as the RAC has advised England fans to leave their car at home and walk to venues to watch the quarter final match with France tonight.

A Manchester passenger said the site’s airfield was completely closed for an hour and half due to the weather.

Greater Manchester and Merseyside are covered by a severe weather warning for snow and ice, which remains in place until midday on Sunday across much of the UK.

According to Met Office charts, further heavy snow is due to fall in Manchester from 11am today before lighter winter showers until 2pm, with temperatures at an icy 1C.

There are similar temperatures in Liverpool, with snowfall a possibility until at least 6pm.

Many frustrated passengers questioned how the snowfall could have brought such a major airport grinding to a halt so quickly.

One person said on Twitter: “Currently stuck on a plane at Manchester Airport because they’ve closed the runway due to some snow…I mean I’m all for being safe but how can we not cope with this weather?”

Flight data showed numerous flights circling “on hold” and being sent elsewhere as staff attempt to clear the snow at Manchester.

It comes as Brits prepare for up to 10 inches of snow as temperatures are forecast to plummet to -15C amid the severe weather warnings.

The Met Office has yellow warnings for snow and ice in place for much of Scotland on Saturday as well as Northern Ireland and Wales along with north and western England.

The perishing conditions will affect large parts of the UK, with the national weather agency having extended its warnings yesterday.

It said: “In a few areas, difficult travel conditions may occur quite quickly due to heavy sleet, snow or hail showers making surfaces slippery or even snow-covered.”

The Met Office said the conditions could lead to travel disruption, especially on Monday morning, and a small chance of some rural communities becoming cut off along with a possibility of power cuts and mobile phone coverage being affected.

There is the possibility of significant snow with more than 10 inches falling in Scotland over the weekend but the main concern is for ice on the roads.

A Manchester Airport spokesperson said: “Due to heavy snow fall, we have temporarily closed both runways. Health and safety will always be our top priority and operations will resume at the earliest opportunity.”