It’s not looking like Jimmy Garoppolo will play again this year

On Tuesday, pushed the notion (likely planted by agent Don Yee) that 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo could be back on the field in as soon as seven weeks.

On Wednesday, coach Kyle Shanahan made it clear that Garoppolo won’t be playing in seven weeks.

“At best-case scenario, not to play football, seven-to-eight weeks, but to heal,” Shanahan told reporters when asked about the report.

The divisional round happens in six weeks and three or four days, depending on when the 49ers’ game would be scheduled — if they qualify. The conference championship happens in seven weeks and four days.

It seems as if the soonest Garoppolo would be able to play is the Super Bowl.

So if rookie quarterback Brock Purdy gets the 49ers to the Super Bowl, would the 49ers bench him for Garoppolo, when Garoppolo will have last played 10 weeks earlier?

Our guess? If Purdy wins enough games to get the 49ers to the Super Bowl, it will be Purdy and not Garoppolo playing in the game.