FAQ: How Many Seats In A Row At Raymond James Stadium?

How many sections are in Raymond James Stadium?

200 -level sections, rows and seats at Raymond James Stadium.

What seats are covered at Raymond James Stadium?

What seats at RJS are covered by the overhang in the event of rain? There are not many seats at Raymond James Stadium that will be located under an overhang, but the best options will be the last two rows (CC and DD) in sideline sections 206-215 and 231-240.

How wide are the seats at Raymond James Stadium?

Additionally, the seats range from 19 to 21 inches wide. The stadium seats more than 65,000 for games, with the capability to increase to 75,000 on a temporary basis.

What happens if it rains at Raymond James Stadium?

In the event of severe weather conditions, NFL/NCAA officials will temporarily suspend the game. Raymond James Stadium will urge all fans to seek shelter in the covered concourse areas behind the stands, on the ramps or in the club areas.

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What section is the pirate ship in Raymond James?

Buccaneers Cove at Raymond James Stadium is located behind sections 146-150, and “harbors” a mighty pirate ship, which fires its cannons after each Bucs score (7 times for a touchdown, 3 for a field goal, and 2 for a safety).

How much is a hot dog at Raymond James Stadium?

On the menu: barbecue pulled pork sandwich ($16.75); chopped brisket sandwich ($16.75); BBQ loaded nachos ($15.25); and a hot dog ($ 7.75 ).

What is the sunny side of Raymond James Stadium?

The “Home Team” which is located on the west side of our stadium. To be honest, almost all of our games are at 1pm and everyone is in the sun!

Can you sit on the pirate ship at Raymond James Stadium?

Fans can arrange to sit on the pirate ship during games.

Where did the Bucs play before Raymond James?

The Tampa Bay Mutiny were the stadium’s fourth and final professional tenant. The Mutiny used the stadium as their home field for their first three seasons, and moved to Raymond James Stadium in 1999.

How do the rows work at Raymond James Stadium?

Guide to Stadium Map Most sections have 27 rows, which are lettered A-DD. A-Z make up the first 23 rows. A is the first row and closest to the field, DD is the 27th and last row. Rows I, O and Q do not exist.

Can you bring food to Rays game?

Visitors are not permitted to bring outside food or drinks into Tropicana Field. A personal-sized, sealed bottle of water is permitted. Tropicana Field management reserves the right to remove any sign displayed on the property. Bats, brooms and umbrellas are allowed inside the stadium.

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Can you walk to Raymond James Stadium?

Yes; you can walk it.

Is there a smoking area at Raymond James Stadium?

On Tuesday, the TSA Board of Directors voted to remove all designated smoking areas which were previously located inside the stadium. According to the new policy, all areas located within the entrance gates to Raymond James Stadium will be designated as smoke and tobacco-free.

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