How To Get Into Stadium Warzone?

Can you get into the Stadium in warzone?

Warzone Stadium access code To open the final locked Stadium door you’ll need the code displayed on all three computers in the other three rooms. This will consists of eight numbers and symbols that, when combined will let you work out a full eight digit access code.

How do you open the Stadium in warzone?

EL21 Warzone location: Top floor The EL21 keycard opens a door on the top floor of the stadium on the southeast side. Wind round the corridor until you see the door in the video above with the keypad next to it—it’s a circular one that runs around the stadium, so you’ll see it eventually.

How do you get into Stadium locked room in warzone?

Interact With Computers To Open The Last Door The last door is found on the 2nd level of the Stadium & requires you to input a passcode. The passcode can only be obtained by opening one of the three locked doors, accessing the computer, and jotting down the code displayed.

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What is the access code for Stadium?

There are three blue key cards that can be found within the stadium: EL21, P216 and CL19.

Does Warzone have bullet drop?

In general, the 200 to 300 meters range are where bullets start to see dropping of some kind. Any range below this is a fairly straight shot. Bullets will also drop in an arc like shape, so you will have to start aiming above where you want the bullet to land.

What’s the 8 digit code in stadium?

To gain the eight-digit access code to the stadium in COD: Warzone players need to find all three keycards for doors EL21(Top, Executive Level), P216(Parking level), and CL19(Middle, concourse level). These keycards can be extremely tricky to find as they spawn across the stadium in the form of random loot.

How do you get blue access cards in warzone?

Where to find blue access cards. Stadium is a broad term. You can find the key cards both indoors and outside of Stadium. We’re talking the tents in the pitch, the concourse, garage, entrances, behind the bar, and wherever you can find a crate.

How do I get the Bay of Pigs blueprint?

You’re looking for an NPC: Woods from the Black Ops games. When you find him, approach him and interact. Woods will give you the Bay of Pigs, a new blueprint. When you finish this step, you’ll unlock the blueprint for your account.

How do you unlock a locked room in a stadium?

How to open Stadium’s locked rooms in Warzone

  1. Make your way to the Verdansk Stadium POI in Warzone.
  2. Search all levels of the Stadium for these keycards.
  3. After finding one of the cards, go to the corresponding door, as seen with the codes above.
  4. Once you find the door, simply interact with the keypad to open the room.
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How do you unlock the room in stadium?

To get into the board room, you need three keycards scattered around the Stadium, one on each floor: the parking garage, the concourse level, and the executive level. Geeky Pastimes recommends you split your team into three, and each player picks a level to search.

What does P216 mean in warzone?

The P216 Warzone key card refers to the second parking level and so you’ll need to trudge below Stadium to locate this door.

How do I find my warzone access code?

There’s no easy answer here as you obtain the Warzone red keycards as a random drop from crates scattered throughout the map. Once you’ve got yourself one though, you can approach one of the 10 bunker doors on the map and open it. You’ll know it can be opened if there’s a green light.

What are all the access codes in warzone?

The Warzone bunker codes are:

  • Prison – 72948531.
  • Farmland – 49285163.
  • South Junkyard – 97264138.
  • North Junkyard – 87624851.
  • Park (nuke) – 60274513.
  • TV Station – 27495810.

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