How To Get To Yankee Stadium By Train?

What Amtrak station is closest to Yankee Stadium?

Take Amtrak to Yankee Stadium From Penn Station, walk one block east to 34 St. Herald Sq. and take the B or D trains to 161 St. Yankee Stadium.

Is it safe to take the train to Yankee Stadium?

1. Re: Is subway safe from Yankee stadium to midtown after a game? This is asked frequently. Yes, yes, yes.

Does the Long Island Railroad go to Yankee Stadium?

There is no direct connection from Hicksville LIRR Station to Yankee Stadium. However, you can take the train to New York Penn Station, take the walk to 34 St-Herald Sq, take the subway to 161 St-Yankee Stadium, then take the walk to Yankee Stadium.

Does the 1 train stop at Yankee Stadium?

The HUDSON is the first Train that goes to Yankee Stadium in Bronx. It stops nearby at 1:49 AM.

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How long is the subway ride from Penn Station to Yankee Stadium?

How long does it take to get from Pennsylvania Station (New York City) to Yankee Stadium? The subway from 34 St-Herald Sq to 161 St-Yankee Stadium takes 22 min including transfers and departs every 10 minutes.

Is it better to drive or take the train to Yankee Stadium?

Because NYC is so busy, your best bet is to take advantage of the extensive public transit system. Yankee Stadium has a subway stop right outside the gate. You could also get there by bus or by railroad. If you don’t mind the traffic, you can still drive there yourself.

What can I bring into Yankee Stadium 2021?

For security reasons, each Guest is permitted to bring into Yankee Stadium only one MLB-compliant bag – presently defined by Major League Baseball as soft-sided and no larger than 16 inches by 16 inches by 8 inches – and only one smaller-sized soft-sided personal item (e.g., a handbag, clutch, tote or plastic grocery

Which Metro North line goes to Yankee Stadium?

Go Yankees!” On the New Haven Line, Metro-North will operate extra “Yankee Clipper Trains To The Game” from both New Haven and Stamford directly to the Yankees Stadium/E 153rd St station before the game, with trains returning to Connecticut after the last out.

How much is parking at Yankee Stadium?

How much does parking at Yankee Stadium cost? It costs on average $25 – $35 to park at a Yankee Game during regular season. Lots open 2-3 hours before the scheduled game.

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How do I get to Yankee Stadium from Li?

There are 4 ways to get from Long Island to Yankee Stadium by bus, train, subway, car, car ferry or plane

  1. Take the bus from Hawkins Ave/Williams Blvd to Ronkonkoma LIRR.
  2. Take the train from Ronkonkoma to New York Penn Station.
  3. Take the subway from 34 St-Herald Sq to 161 St-Yankee Stadium.

Is it easy to drive to Yankee Stadium?

Yankee Stadium is also not the easiest place to drive to or park near,as lots there are expensive. Midtown or downtown parking lots are better.

Is there a ferry from New Jersey to Yankee Stadium?

NY Waterway offers daily ferry service between Northern New Jersey and Manhattan and East River ferry service between Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Service is also available to Yankee stadium for baseball games. Get New York Waterway information.

Does the Harlem Line stop at Yankee Stadium?

Customers traveling from the Harlem and New Haven Lines can transfer at Harlem-125th Street to a Hudson Line or shuttle train. The Bx6, Bx6 SBS, Bx13 stop right in front of the stadium at E. 161st Street and River Avenue. In addition, the Bx1 and Bx2 both stop at E.

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