Often asked: What You Can Take In To Milwaukee Stadium?

What can I bring into Milwaukee Brewers stadium?

Fans will be allowed to bring in certain items including:

  • Bags with dimensions of 5 inches by 9 inches or smaller.
  • Sealed bottles of water, juice or soda (32 ounces or smaller)
  • Personal size food items, such as sandwiches, small bags of snacks, a piece of fruit.
  • Diaper bags and medical/family needs bags.

Can you bring food into Brewers stadium?

Know Before You Go Sealed bottles of water, juice or soda (32 oz. or smaller), and personal size food items (e.g., a sandwich, small bags of pretzels, piece of fruit) are all permitted inside of the ballpark.

Can you bring a purse to Miller Park?

Starting in 2020, fewer bags will be allowed into Miller Park — but don’t worry, you can still bring in diaper bags, small purses, drawstring bags and cooler bags. However, backpacks of any size will now be prohibited, as will “multi-zip or multi-compartment bags” or bags that exceed 16x16x8.

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Can I bring peanuts into American Family Field?

Carry-in food or snacks are not permitted in the ballpark. Soda, juice, or water in factory-sealed plastic bottles is permitted (one bottle per person). Order food online for pick-up. There won’t be hawkers in the stands selling peanuts, popcorn and beverages.

Can I bring my purse into American Family Field?


Can I bring a purse into a Brewers game?

As the Milwaukee Brewers begin a six-game homestand on Monday, fans will now be allowed to bring in clear, single-compartment bags as large as 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches, according to a news release. One-gallon clear Ziploc bags will also be allowed into the stadium starting Monday.

Can you bring a broom to a baseball game?

*Any Bags/Luggage (larger than 9″ x 5″ x 2″, excluding clear single-compartment bags 12″ x 6″ x 12″ or smaller) Brooms/Broomsticks/Poles. Camera Lenses ( exceeding 8 inches in length) Cans and/or Glass Containers.

Can you bring water bottles into Miller Park?

“Guests may not bring any cans, glass containers or alcohol into Miller Park. Soda, water or juice must be contained in factory-sealed plastic bottles. Guests may bring personal-size food items into Miller Park using appropriate containers.”

Can you bring an umbrella to a baseball game?

Unfortunately for many of those in attendance, a few fans decided it’s appropriate to use an umbrella to shield them in their seats. If you are a baseball fan who does this, here’s a tip: don’t. The team allows umbrellas in the stadium but asks you to be “considerate” of other fans.

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Does MLB have a clear bag policy?

Major League Baseball has not adopted a league-wide clear bag policy like the NFL has, but the security of each stadium (including minor leagues) is different, and using a clear bag is a smart way to eliminate the possibility of having an issue.

What can you bring into a Cubs game?

Bag restrictions Medical and diaper bags are permitted, while only purses and wallets smaller than 9-by-5 inches are allowed. Under the touchless entry process, phones, wallets and keys do not have to be removed before going through the metal detector at the gate.

How much is a hot dog at Miller Park?

“Although Milwaukee Brewers fans pay higher ticket prices, they can get a large selection of hot dogs at the park, including brats, sausages and cheaper $3.50 hot dogs,” GOBankingRates said. The most expensive ballpark is the Boston Red Sox’s Fenway Park at $157.

What time does American Family field open before a game?

Fans will need to remain in the immediate vicinity of their vehicle. Parking gates will open three hours in advance of the game, except for 6:40 p.m. weekday games in which parking gates open two and a half hours in advance. Tailgating activities must end thirty minutes after the game starts.

What food is Miller Park known for?

New Miller Park food includes loaded pork tamale, fried BBQ corn and fresh-cooked waffles. As rookies in the world of Milwaukee ballpark fare, the Loaded Pork Tamale and Fried BBQ Corn have a long way to go to become stadium icons like brats, nachos and hotdogs.

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