Often asked: Where Are The Luxury Suites At Busch Stadium?

Where are the suites at Busch Stadium?

The Diamond Suite at Busch Stadium is located between home plate and third base. It has a suite capacity of 24 guests (20 tickets with the option to purchase 4 additional tickets). Climate controlled comfort along with outdoor stadium seating offers the option to enjoy your event indoors or outdoors.

What do diamond box seats at Busch Stadium include?

The Diamond Suites include a buffet and full bar service. Perfect for celebrating a special occasion or entertaining VIP clients! Bar service begins when gates open. Alcoholic beverages will be available through the bottom of the 9th inning.

What are the best seats at Busch Stadium?

A number of excellent seating options exist for fans visiting Busch Stadium. Among the most impressive are the seats on the club level between sections 241 and 257. Located on the second level of the stadium, these seats offer a true club-style view from just above the lower level.

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How much is a box at the St Louis Cardinals game?

Louis Cardinals suites cost? Premium full-suite range from $5,000 to $8,000 for a regular St. Louis Cardinals game.

Is there a pool at Busch Stadium?

Rooftop Pool and Sundeck i Enjoy a sensational, resort-style rooftop pool experience like no other — enhanced by the thrilling sights and sounds of Busch Stadium. Private cabanas, abundance of seating and lounging areas, and grilling stations, make the floating sundeck the perfect place to relax and enjoy every game.

What is the Redbird Club at Busch Stadium?

Ticketholders will have access to the climate-controlled Redbird Club. The club features dining tables, televisions, additional seating and upscale food and beverage options exclusive to these club sections. On top of the amenities the view of the game will be spectacular as well.

What are diamond box seats?

Diamond Boxes Diamond Box seats are located right behind the dugouts in the front portions of sections 140 through 145, in front of the Cardinals’ dugout, and 155 through 160, in front of the visitor’s dugout. The back portion of all sections in the Diamond Boxes contain Cardinals Infield Field Box Seats.

Is the Redbird Club All Inclusive?

The Redbird Club is not all inclusive; but the quality and variety of huge portions of meats and treats are way better and well worth the club’s surprisingly economical prices. Complimentary window seating is great to eat in air conditioning, and watch the game from inside.

What does Diamond box mean?

Minnesota Twins Diamond Boxes take up the area between the infield corner bases and half-way down the outfield foul lines. The design of the Twins Diamond Boxes creates an odd situation where the tickets in the front rows of sections 124 and 104 are more valuable than any tickets in sections closer to home plate.

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How much are beers at Busch Stadium?

Prices: $12.50 (20 oz Draft) $21.00 (32 oz Draft) $10.25 (16oz Craft Beer Can)

Which seats at Busch Stadium are covered?

As a general rule, the seats in the shade at Busch Stadium are located: On the 1st base side of the park or behind home plate for a day game. In a row farther back so that it is under cover or the upper-level roof. On the 3rd base side of the park for a night game.

How far does the net go at Busch Stadium?

St. Louis Cardinals, Busch Stadium: Protective netting extends between sections 141-160, including Diamond Box sections behind each dugout.

How much is a ticket behind home plate at Busch Stadium?

Price shown is an average – range is $75 to $100 depending on individual game desirability.

What age needs a ticket at Busch Stadium?

Yes. The Luxury Suites are open for all ages. Any child four years of age or older must have a valid Luxury Suite ticket for admission. Children age three and under do not require a ticket for admission to Busch Stadium or the Luxury Suites.

Where are the all inclusive seats at Busch Stadium?

One thing the Cardinals did well with the new stadium is the all-inclusive sections. These seats are right on top of the center field batter’s eye, so you can see everything, but you are a long way from home plate.

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