Often asked: Where Is The Stamford Bridge Stadium?

Where is Chelsea’s home stadium?

Stamford Bridge (/ˈstæmfərd/) is a football stadium in Fulham, adjacent to the borough of Chelsea in South West London, commonly referred to as The Bridge. It is the home of Premier League club Chelsea.

What is Stamford Bridge famous for?

Stamford Bridge has been the home of Chelsea Football Club ever since Gus Mears bought the ground in 1905 and decided to found a brand new football team to occupy it. The stadium itself was originally used as an athletics club and maintained that purpose until about 1904.

What road is Stamford Bridge on?

Stamford Bridge is on the Fulham Road and is accessible on foot from all directions – a map would be advised for those not familiar with the area.

Does Chelsea have a stadium of their own?

Chelsea Pitch Owners plc is a nonprofit organisation which is part of Chelsea Football Club, tasked with the upkeep of the stadium. It owns both the freehold of the Stamford Bridge stadium and the naming rights of Chelsea Football Club.

Who is the owner of Chelsea?

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has made it clear to the hierarchy at Chelsea that he is ready to bankroll top-tier signings, if deals can be agreed this summer.

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Where should I sit at Stamford Bridge?

The most comfortable seats are in the West Stand Upper where the stand is heated and the seats are padded. This is also where some of the highest quality hospitality packages can be found featuring some of the most talented chefs in London.

How many people can fit in Stamford Bridge?

The Shed End is along the south side of the pitch. In 1930, a new terrace was built on the south side, for more standing spectators. It was originally known as the Fulham Road End, but supporters nicknamed it ‘The Shed’ and this led the club to officially change its name.

Is Stamford Bridge in the congestion zone?

Stamford Bridge is located southwest of Central London, outside of the Congestion Charge zone. Depending on where you’re coming from, you may approach the stadium from the M4, which then becomes the A4 running through Hammersmith.

Is the new Tottenham stadium in the same place?

In 2019, Tottenham moved to a new stadium with a capacity of 62,062 designed by Populous. The new stadium was built in almost the exact same location, instead of moving elsewhere within or away from the borough of Haringey.

Is there a cottage at Craven Cottage?

The stand was accompanied by a pavilion, which is the present-day Cottage. Craven Cottage was further expanded with terraces in the next decades and reached its record attendance in 1938 when a total of 49,335 spectators attended a game against Millwall.

Which is richest football club in the world?

Real Madrid have topped the 2021 Brand Finance list as the most valuable football club brand in the world for a third straight year. Despite suffering a 10% drop in its brand value, the Spanish giants head the world rankings with a €1.27 billion valuation, ahead of La Liga rivals Barcelona who are valued at €1.26bn.

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