Question: Where Are The Most Shaded Seats For The Nationals Base Ball Stadium?

What are the best seats at Nationals Stadium?

The best seats for a Washington Nationals game are located in the premium sections described below, the Lexus Presidents Club, and the PNC Diamond Club. If those seats fall out of your price range, the Club level tickets around the infield (sections 206-221) are a fantastic option as well.

What are diamond seats at Nationals Park?

The Diamond Club seats at Nationals Park are located behind home plate in sections 121-125 (and select rows of 119, 120 and 126). These seats treat guests to desirable views and a host of amenities. Sponsored by PNC, the Diamond Club seats feature all-inclusive food and beverage and a number of ways to indulge.

Will my seats be in the sun?

If you look straight up from your seats, you’ll be under an overhang or the roof. Covered seats DO NOT guarantee any protection from the sun. While many covered seats are also shaded, many covered seats are highly exposed to the sun.

What sections are club level at Nationals Park?

The club level seats at Nationals Park consist of sections 206 through 221. The rows for the club level sections are lettered A through J. Some club level sections will have rows lettered A through L.

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What seats do the nationals cover?

Mezzanine sections 201-205 are a good choice as they are mostly covered and protected from the sun. Sections 138 – 139 behind the Nationals bullpen are under cover and excellent for shade. If you don’t mind the nosebleeds, sections 401-409 are mostly under cover and safe from the sun as well.

How many seats are in Nationals Stadium?


Can you bring a purse into Nationals Stadium?

* Bags are once again permitted inside Nationals Park, as long as they are smaller than 16” x 16” x 8”, with the exception of diaper bags and medically necessary bags. (Backpacks are not permitted within Nationals Park.) * Approved bags will be opened and inspected by Nationals security staff.

How do the rows work at Nationals Park?

100-level sections, rows and seats at Nationals Park Lower-level center sections rows run from D-Z, AA-YY with rows in the end sections starting at row A-Z, AA-WW. Corner Sections start at X-Z, AA-WW.

Are my seats in the shade Coors Field?

Almost all sections on the 3rd base side of the park will get shade, even those on field-level. Outfield sections 151-160 will get some shade once the sun dips below the stadium structure.

Where should you not sit at Wrigley Field?

The terrace reserved seating area (rows 7 and above in sections 201-242) is where the obstructions begin on the lower level of Wrigley Field. The support beams can be found in the following seats. It would be wise to not purchase any Cubs tickets past the rows in these sections.

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Are there bad seats at Wrigley Field?

Terrace Reserved and Upper Reserved sections have support poles in front of them, which explains their lower price compared to the rest of the Wrigley Field seating bowl. The worst seats have “limited view” marked on the ticket, but the Cubs have a high standard for this, and the seat has to be really bad.

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