Question: Where Is Austin Fc Stadium?

Where is Austin MLS stadium?

The Q2 Stadium is a soccer-specific stadium located in the North Burnet section of North Austin, Texas, United States. It is the home of Austin FC, a Major League Soccer (MLS) team that began play in 2021.

Where does Austin FC play?

Q2 Stadium, Austin FC’s new home, is a state-of-the art 20,500-seat, soccer-specific venue that features a natural grass playing surface and a signature canopy structure offering shade and coverage for all seats. The stadium provides an intimate viewing experience and an unequaled event atmosphere.

Where is Austin FC stadium being built?

McKalla Place and Q2 Stadium The Austin City Council approved and directed the City Manager to finalize and execute an agreement between the City of Austin and Precourt Sports Ventures – bringing a Major League Soccer team to play in a stadium at McKalla Place.

Who owns Austin soccer?

One-on-One: Austin FC owner Anthony Precourt ready for club’s ‘pop-champagne moment’ Saturday. Anthony Precourt and his ownership group wanted to be in Austin. More than three years later, Precourt and his team of investors are ready to watch Austin FC debut in Major League Soccer.

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Is Austin FC in FIFA 21?

Austin FC is not in FIFA 21. It may come as a disappointment to fans of the club, but it makes sense considering the timing of the game’s launch. Had they been included in FIFA 21, Austin would have no players, or very few, with work still ongoing in terms of recruiting personnel.

What is Austin FC called?

Austin Bold FC is an American professional soccer team located in Austin, Texas.

What does FC mean in Austin FC?

You will see FC before or after the name of a soccer team and in English, it means ‘Football Club’. The FC may come before or after the name depending on which country the team is in.

Who paid for Austin FC stadium?

In December 2018, after months of discussion, Austin finalized a deal. Precourt Sports Ventures agreed to fully fund the $225 million stadium.

What are the best seats at Austin FC stadium?

The Field Seats at Q2 Stadium are widely considered the best seats for an Austin FC soccer match. Each seat is located within five rows of the field on the same side the player benches are located. One of the main draws of the Field Seats are its impressive amenities.

Is the Austin FC stadium finished?

Austin FC planning for June 2021 Q2 Stadium opener, early spring completion. Loughnane said the soccer-specific venue will be complete by “late March, early April,” putting them on schedule to reach construction completion targets that were established when Austin FC broke ground in September 2019.

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How many people fit in Austin FC stadium?

‘The atmosphere was there’: Austin FC coach, players praise fan support in home opener. While no goal arrived Saturday night for the 20,738 people gathered at Q2 Stadium for Austin FC’s home debut, their supporting voices that served as a backing track for the match were clearly heard.

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