Readers ask: London’S Oldest Soccer Stadium, Craven Cottage, Is Home To Which Team?

How old is Craven Cottage?

Craven Cottage It is, however, named after a house called the Cottage which was built by the aristocrat William Craven (the sixth Lord Craven) in 1780. It was destroyed by fire in 1888, following which the football club built a stadium on the site, which opened in 1896.

When did Fulham move to Craven Cottage?

In 1888, Fulham moved to a new ground at Barn Elms, Castlenau. The ground is close to the present Craven Cottage and from the location today, the floodlights at the ground can be seen from the football pitches the other side of the Thames.

Where in London is Craven Cottage?

The Craven Cottage stadium is located in Stevenage Road, London SW6 6H, next to Bishops Park on the banks of the Thames.

What is Liverpool’s nickname?

Liverpool: The Reds While there is nothing intriguing about the nickname that pays tribute to their shirt colour, there is when it comes to Liverpool’s badge, which features the Liver Bird.

How big will Craven Cottage be?

Once the project is complete, 3,900 new seats will have been built, meaning Craven Cottage will have a total capacity of 29,600.

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Why is there a cottage in fulhams ground?

Craven Cottage remained one of the smallest grounds of the Premier League, and Fulham therefore kept considering either moving to a new stadium (possibly to be shared with another West-London club), or further redeveloping Craven Cottage.

Who built Craven Cottage?

Many rumours persist among Fulham fans of past tenants of Craven Cottage. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jeremy Bentham, Florence Nightingale and even Queen Victoria are reputed to have stayed there, although there is no real evidence for this. Following the fire, the site was abandoned.

Do Fulham still have a neutral stand?

PUTNEY END Prior to the Riverside development taking place, this area was famed for it’s neutral seating section. Owing to capacity constraints, the stand is now split into Home and Away fans only.

Is the new Tottenham stadium in the same place?

In 2019, Tottenham moved to a new stadium with a capacity of 62,062 designed by Populous. The new stadium was built in almost the exact same location, instead of moving elsewhere within or away from the borough of Haringey.

How many stadiums are in London?

London Football Guide – All 22 Stadiums – The Stadium Guide.

What is the house at Craven Cottage?

The history of this idyllically located venue actually dates back much further than 1894. The original Craven Cottage, a thatched building surrounded by gardens within the Bishops Palace, was the family home of Anne Boleyn and provided the nickname The Cottagers. It is named after its builder, Lord Cottage. Not really.

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How many does Craven Cottage hold?


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