Readers ask: Where Is Blundstone Stadium?

What was Blundstone Arena called?

Bellerive Oval is a cricket and Australian rules football ground located in Bellerive, a suburb on the eastern shore of Hobart, Australia holding 20,000 people – the second-largest-capacity-stadium in Tasmania -Bellerive Oval is known commercially as Blundstone Arena for sponsorship reasons is the only venue in

Where is Hobart cricket Stadium?

The headquarters of Tasmanian cricket relocated from the old TCA ground on Hobart’s Queen’s Domain to the scenic Bellerive Oval on the eastern shore of the Derwent River in 1987.

What country is Bellerive Oval?

It is located in the City of Clearence on the eastern side of Hobart, Tasmania. In 1977, Tasmania qualified for the Sheffield Shield and the Tasmanian Cricket Association decided to choose Bellerive Oval as their home ground ahead of KGV Oval and North Hobart Oval.

Where does the AFL play in Tasmania?

Formerly known as Bellerive Oval, the home of Tasmanian cricket has hosted AFL games since 2012 with North Melbourne playing some home matches at the venue. Blundstone Arena opened in 1914 and has been redeveloped in recent years with new grandstands and lighting to allow for night matches.

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What is the seating capacity of Blundstone Arena?

The redevelopment embraces the philosophy of community sport and caters for greater national and international cricket and AFL matches and has seen the facility increase its seating capacity to 20,000 seats.

When was Blundstone Arena built?

WELCOME TO BLUNDSTONE ARENA Opened in 1914, the venue didn’t replace the Tasmanian Cricket Association as Hobart’s first-class cricket headquarters until the 1987-88 season.

How do you get to Bellerive Oval?

Buses 605, 613,615, 620 and 625 depart from Hobart and go via Rosny Park. All these routes go down Clarence St for easy access to Blundstone Arena. Additional cricket and AFL Metro services departing from Franklin Square via Regatta Grounds will run on match days.

What is the capacity of York Park?

Manuka Oval has proven to be an integral part of Canberra’s history in its continuous use as a sporting venue. With a seating capacity of 13,550, the venue remains the premier site for cricket and AFL events for the region.

Will Tasmania get a AFL team?

“The decision on a Tasmanian AFL licence will be made, once and for all, in 2022 in line with the finalisation of the funding model for the AFL industry for the 2023 and 2024 seasons. “A historic decision will be made as early as possible next year on whether Tasmania will have its own team.”

Is there a Tasmania AFL team?

Tassie footy fans get yet another season of top-class footy played in Tasmania and we will finally have a decision on our own Tassie team,” Gutwein said. The AFL Commission will first need to agree to the expansion bid, before getting the support of 12 of the 18 AFL clubs at a presidents meeting.

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