Where To Park At Busch Stadium?

Is there free parking at Busch Stadium?

That being said, you can find free parking near Busch Stadium via metered parking. Most meters are in effect Monday through Saturday until 7pm.

Where can I park near Busch Stadium?

The S&H Parking Lot at Broadway and Spruce is the closest (and usually the most expensive) public parking lot near Busch Stadium, as it sits directly across the street. For a cheaper option, try S&H’s other two lots, one at 400 Poplar and the other at 400 Poplar East and 4th Street.

How much is parking around Busch Stadium?

How much is parking at Busch Stadium? Parking in the official or nearby lots is between $5 – $50. If you’re willing to make the 5 minute walk, you can find parking for around $6.

How do you park at Busch Stadium?

Fans can now purchase individual game day parking directly from the Cardinals. Conveniently located directly across the street from Gate 2, on the southwest side of Busch Stadium, the Starr Lot offers easy access and a secure location for every Cardinals home game.

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Can you take a purse into Busch Stadium?

Guests are encouraged to limit bags for stadium entry. ONLY the following bags will be permitted: small purses, clutch/wristlet, fanny packs or other single pouch bags not exceeding 8″ x 10″. Debit cards will be available for purchase* using cash with no service fees at a limited number of locations inside the stadium.

Can I bring bottled water into Busch Stadium?

Food. Guests may bring their own food & drinks into Busch Stadium for all games. Non-alcoholic beverages including water and soda in factory sealed clear plastic containers no larger than 2 liters are allowed.

What age needs a ticket at Busch Stadium?

Yes. The Luxury Suites are open for all ages. Any child four years of age or older must have a valid Luxury Suite ticket for admission. Children age three and under do not require a ticket for admission to Busch Stadium or the Luxury Suites.

What time do gates open at Busch Stadium?

Gates open one and a half hours prior to Monday through Thursday games and two hours before Friday and Saturday games. Abernathy says no matter where you are coming from, get to the game early. This year, the Cardinals will continue using walk-though magnetometers at all of the gates and stadium entrances.

How much are beers at Busch Stadium?

Prices: $12.50 (20 oz Draft) $21.00 (32 oz Draft) $10.25 (16oz Craft Beer Can)

Does Busch Stadium have WiFi?

Enjoy FREE WiFi service during your visit to Busch Stadium Cardinals WiFi is a FREE WiFi network for fans to use during their visits to Busch Stadium. Fans can easily have high-speed access to the Internet including MLB apps such as MLB Ballpark and the MLB app.

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Is SpotHero legit?

Can you trust SpotHero? Overall, SpotHero helps save time and money on everyday parking spaces. However, be cautious as there have been many SpotHero reviews where spots weren’t actually reserved when people purchased them.

Will the Redbird Express run in 2021?

Due to the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, the St.

How much is parking in St Louis?

Parking for an hour at downtown St. Louis lots and garages costs around $2.00. The average 24 hour rate is $19.00 and $80.00 per month. If you’re parking for a short period of time, go for on-street parking as it’s cheaper – $0.25 per 15 minutes.

Where is the St Louis Cardinals Stadium?

Busch Stadium

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